2008 International Telecommunications Safety Conference

Conference Dates: 9/9 - 11/2008
Location: Park City, Utah

Registration, Agenda & Certification

ITSC 2008 Presentations
Benchmarking Survey Summary - Don Harris
Developing a Business Case to Demonstrate the Value of Safety Handout - Elyce Biddle
Developing a Business Case to Demonstrate the Value of Safety  - Elyce Biddle
EH&S Training Redefining How We Do Business - Jennifer Scarpino & Wilbur Stuhlman
Ergonomic Sub Committee Annual Report - Marie Robinson, John Quinlan
Ergonomics Success Story Template - Brett Besser
Greenhouse Gas Programs - Overview & Potential Impacts to the Industry - Ed Clement
Material Handling 101 Handout - humantech
Material Handling 101 - humantech - Winnie Ip
Materials Failures in Telecommunications Accident Investigations - Dan Crane
Material Failures - What to Have in Your Go Kit Handout - Dan Crane
NIOSH Injury Intervention Evaluation Research: Industry Partnerships - Harlan Amandus
NTSP Environmental Committee - Eric Algaier
ORC Polling Spreadsheet 
OSHA Update Computer Workstation Sucess Story - Brett Besser
OSHA Tips Improving Workplace Safety & Health Handout - Edwin G. Foulke, Jr.
Safety Management 101- Kevin Robinson
Safety Management System Assessment Handout - Kevin Robinson
Sky Resort Safety - Jake Hutchinson
Sprint's Green Initiatives - Cathy Stafford
The Benefits of an Integrated EH&S Program to Risk Management - Rick Burnheimer
Today's Hot Topics - and the Road Ahead! - Joanne Linhard

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